4504 Station Camp Road
Oneida, Tennessee 37841
(931) 319-6893

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Station Camp Horse Camp Regulations:


Cancellation within 30 days of reservation full refund,

Cancellation within 7 to 28 days of reservation there wil be a $6.00 processing fee deducted from your deposit

Cancellation less then 7 days of arrival refund is not given


This is Black Bear habitat.  Please help us keep the bears out of the campground by following the regulations.  More information about the bears can be found at the Visitor Center.

ALL food, food items (mustard, ketchup, etc), coolers (even if they are empty or have ice, water, pop, etc), must be kept in a vehicle or trailer with hard sides, except while preparing or eating it.
All garbage must be disposed of anytime you are not at the site.  Garbage must never be left out overnight.
Pick up all food scraps and wipe down tabletops.  Also do not pour grease out in fire rings and do not leave dirty cooking utensils around.


Parking is allowed on gravel surface ONLY, not on the grass.
Park no more than two vehicles at one site.  If a vehicle can not fit on the gravel pad you must park at the bathhouse. 

  • PETS

Pets MUST be restrained on a leash AT ALL TIMES.  This includes while you are hiking or horseback riding.  If you tie your pet up they can not be allowed access to the road or the campsite next to yours.  This is for public safety and all animals MUST have proof of current rabies vaccinations.  PETS MUST NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED. 
Be considerate of other campers, prevent excessive barking and clean up waste.



Grounding for EVERY electrical appliance is necessary to prevent circuit breakers from activating.
All Campsites with electricity are equipped with ground fault interrupter circuit breakers. Improperly grounded campers may cause breakers to kick off. 
Tents must be set up on the gravel pad only.
Driving nails, spikes or screws into trees is prohibited.  Do not hang lanterns on trees there is a hook at each site for them.
Under no circumstance can you cut any trees, shrubs or limbs around the site that are standing and/or alive.  You may collect dead wood that is lying on the ground to use as firewood.  The use of chainsaws anywhere is the park is prohibited.
Build fires only in designated grates or fire rings.  Only use wood that can fit in the fire ring, otherwise it creates a fire hazard.  Do not dump ashes or charcoal in the woods.  And do not leave your fire unattended.
Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am est.  Please be considerate of other campers.



All grey water (dishes, shower, etc) must NEVER be dumped onto the ground. 



 You must present a current coggins for your horse

You are not allowed to ride horses through the campground or on ANY road in the park.  Horses are not allowed anywhere except designated horse trails.  Check with the Visitor Center or campground manager for approved routes.
Horse trailers must not be cleaned out at the campsite.
Drinking alcohol while on horseback is illegal.
Horses should use stalls provided.  Do not tie to trees around campsite. While riding please use hitching posts, crosstie or picket line them.
When crossing the Big South Fork River at Station Camp or Big Island please go single file along the approved crossing, which is designated by rocks in the river.  If you can not see the rocks it is too deep to cross.  Remember the river can rise quickly even if its not raining where you are.


Hunting is allowed in Big South Fork NRRA.   You do not need a special permit except during hog only season.  All TWRA and KFWS seasons and regulations apply.


Loaded weapons are prohibited in the campground and in any backcountry campsite, unless you have a valid handgun carry license, otherwise, firearms are allowed ONLY during hunting season and then must be, unloaded, cased and possessed by someone with a valid hunting license.  There are designated safety zones, check with the Visitor Center for locations.
TARGET PRACTICE of any kind and with any weapons is prohibited in the entire park.  This includes:  BB guns, paintball guns, bows, etc.
Using/possessing fireworks/explosive devices in the park is illegal.
You must posses a valid Tennessee/ Kentucky fishing license to fish in the park.